Settling Home or Reaching Out?

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Cosmo Girl, Daily Advices, Dear Sterling, Loving Lβ™₯Iβ™₯Fβ™₯E
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Born as a β€œhomebody” as my zodiac dictates, I miss home and the times I get to clean and redecorate my room, find old stuffs from the past, wake up late and sleep whenever I wanted, watch television until the wee hours of morning, eat whatever there is in the fridge, and be merry. 😌


But my life, the way I chose it, was more of those stolen moments β€” when I get to live in the outside world and build families among people not related to me by blood; Those times that being at home is something I appreciate more and more each day cause I’ll never get to stay there most of the time.

I have a high respect for the β€œhousewife” but my world as I see it now will never be the one that my mom chose for herself. I understand her in all those awkward loving she’s giving us, and how she wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and sleep so late because she has to wait for each one of us to be in bed. I love her in spite of those times I had to sit for four long hours listening to her before I leave for school or those moments when she argue with us for all sort of things. I’ve seen her doing the toughest job among us and I envy her sometimes because she got to live her own schedule the way she wanted.

But that’s life. That’s how her routine lasted for 25 years and I love her for being the best mother and a full-time housewife to my dad. Through her, I get to see what I wanted β€” to be a lot less dramatically insane outside.

We choose our lives. It’s your choice whether to be happy with the choices you’ve made.

In Tagalog, β€œGinusto mo yan kaya panindigan mo.”


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