I’m sharing to you one of the slideshow presentations shared by classmates way back First Year Medicine Proper regarding Preventive Medicine –> Tools in Family Assessment. Kindly open the file entitled genogram.ppt by clicking on its link:

Tools in Family Assessment

Table of Contents

  1. Tools in Family Assessment
  2. Family Genogram or Family Tree
  3. Functional Chart
  4. Genogram Symbols
  5. Additional Symbols

The picture below is an example of a Family Genogram (e.g. Washington Family). Now, to be able to understand these symbols, you may open the link above to the slideshow presentation for its meanings. You may also click the picture to enlarge it.

You may use these tools for creating a family map which will be useful in describing the family you are studying. This can be applied on your community diagnosis, home visits, etc. So download and study the file now. :)

Always Here to Help,

Doctor Shei

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