On Watching the movie ‘Starting Over Again’

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Taking Chances:

“On Watching the movie ‘Starting Over Again'”

This is a continuation of an earlier blog post: http://marksalidiogoroy.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/on-starting-over-again-the-movie/

Starting Over Again movie from Star Cinema with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga as the lead stars Starting Over Again movie from Star Cinema with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga as the lead stars

If there’s one movie that Starting Over Again  has a similar resemblance to, it’s My Amnesia Girl.

My Amnesia Girl. My Amnesia Girl. Aside from Toni Gonzaga, My Amnesia Girl had a number of similarities to Starting Over Again. Toni’s character Irene, who was dumped in My Amnesia Girl, was reincarnated as Ginny in Starting Over Again. This time, it’s her turn to leave her beloved Marco played by Piolo.

My Amnesia had the pick-up lines; Starting had the quotable quotes.

My Amnesia had JLC leaving Toni during their wedding out of fear of failure; Starting had Toni leaving Piolo during a prelude to a wedding — the proposal — out of fear of his predicted failure.

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My Japanese N3DS is here.

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Fall Wonderland

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Saving Up For Scents

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I’ve always been a fan of the signature, high-end perfumes that every girl would want to wear everyday aside from the famous Chanel No. 5, don’t get me wrong. But nowadays, wearing perfume becomes more of a necessity rather than a luxury (for as long as it is still within your budget).
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Incorporating Physio

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After 22 days of attending lectures, reading notes, downloading every classical music I know of to help me concentrate during my study time and munching all known sweets – chocolates and candies, and loading my blood stream with caffeine, I realized that what I’m learning today is what I’ll be needing tomorrow.

This is practically the month where I first get a good grasp of all my basic subjects which were floating at the back of my mind when I was in med school. This is the first time that I can literally appreciate what I am going to do for the next 20 years.

The human being is such a great creation and Medicine is by all means its discoverer.

Why am I saying this? God made us perfectly imperfect and with a purpose that even the smallest part of our body, from our DNA, to our cells, plays a specific role in our lives. It came across when I was about to compare my budget for “diet food” and with how much I’m spending with the kiddie, finger-licking, glucose-supply of Stik-O.

And I ended up realizing after reading my handouts how desperate I am to have more of POMC released by my Anorexigenic neurons to decrease my appetite and say goodbye to Ghrelin for now which practically inhibits my precious neurons, favoring the Lateral Hypothalamus. In layman’s term, I want to go on diet.

Before it was kind of hard to memorize these terms, but now, I appreciate the medical jargon and how simple those complex things were when you’re enjoying what you’re studying.

Caption of Picture: If it wasn’t for this picture, I wouldn’t have post this article. One stik-o is equal to more yogurt and more fit n right.


5 Ways To Generate Blog Post Ideas

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This marks my 954th post on 101 Books.

Four years ago, I would’ve laughed if you told me I would publish that many posts on this blog. How could I possibly write 954 posts about a list of books?

But you’d be surprised at how relatively easy it is to come up with topics once you make a habit out of coming up with topics. I’ve figured out a few ways to build brainstorming into my everyday life, without taking up a chunk of time I don’t have.

That’s really helped me generate new ideas for the blog, so I thought I’d share a few of my tips with you guys. If you have a blog, maybe you might find one or two worth your time.

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A Moment: The Nurse and the Med Student

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She was a professional nurse at our hospital, not much older than me, and with no time during shift-work to see her private gynaecologist, she made the scary decision to come to the hospital’s gynae-clinic (scary because she would most certainly be seen first by an inept medical student before seeing the specialist).

I had to page her when I was ready for her, and while waiting for her to arrive I went through her latest results. I saw that on the same day as her last Pap smear, she had had an HIV-test. It was her six-month follow-up test after an injury on duty.

It was a moment that reminded me how connected healthcare workers are. We work long and strange hours that cause us to neglect our own health. We expose ourselves to the flavour-of-the-season bugs. In the heat of the moment resuscitating a patient we are at high…

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I never thought that people wonder why I’m having this long term engagement with my fiancé. But after a phone call with one of the women I’ve adored so much due to her class and convictions, I am pretty sure that I’m on the right track.

What’s the problem with a long-term engagement? This is basically the fact where couples get to know each other more thoroughly, as compared to an ordinary boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Here, commitment is well-defined. Both parties know that they were about to get married, and not just plans but a frank announcement to the world whether informal that we chose this significant person to be part of our lives forever. Bonds like that is hard to break. It’s an investment of character.

Practically speaking, my boyfriend proposed to me last July 29, 2011 on a rainy evening, just when I was about to broke up with him. I was caught off guard after seeing a man holding one ring on his hand and both chinito eyes pleading for you to stay. I couldn’t say no and I didn’t because I love him and the only reason I want to break up with him was because it’s coming all too fast and I wanted to take it slow. That was more than three years ago and we’re still engaged after announcing to our families and friends about our upcoming wedding — the day to die for.

Why? Basically, my fiancé was ready already. All it takes was my “Yes” and the seriousness that goes along with it, the budget and the over-all details of a perfect wedding. But back then, I was only in love and building a family for me requires stability. Back then, I knew that before even tying the knot, I have to let him know where I’m standing at.

I was a medical student during that time, a scholar supported initially by my alma mater and all my relatives. I was their pride and at that time, I couldn’t afford to let them down. During those times when I’m still trying to earn my degree, being married is a downside for my never-ending goals to study and pursue my dreams as a doctor. I had to take it one step at a time.

I was not in a rush because I’m a dreamer and a family-oriented woman (blame that to my zodiac sign). Coming from a family where I’m treated as a princess, the unica hija, I wanted to sustain that for the family that I am planning to have without even relying to my parents. I still wanted to be the independent “me” without even begging for anyone to buy the things I want or relying from my parent’s wealth. I just wanted to do more and I wanted to have every right to do what I want, married or not.

So in other words, I was the one holding back because I have dreams, not only for my future but also for my family – my parents, my brothers, my relatives. Being the eldest, I wanted to do more than just bring food on the table. I wanted to put my family on a safer zone before even leaving them for another family — the one I’ll be building with my fiancé. And I’m not going to depend those desires and obligations to my future husband.

I’ll say we’re taking it one step at a time. Put God as the center of our relationship. Know our priorities. Settle our individual goals first. Prepare for our dream wedding. The list is on and keeping the romance in spite of quite a long-term engagement, that is something.

You see, being married is not just about love. It’s being both physically, mentally, financially, spiritually prepared for a lifetime commitment. It’s what I learned from my parents happily married for more than 25 years and it’s what I’ll bring forward to our very own version of “married life” when that day comes.

As the saying goes:

“Save the best for last.”

And with this being said, I’m just thankful and happy for God blessed me with a man who’s willing to wait, no matter how long. I found an almost perfect guy with some lame imperfections.

I love you, Marvin, for everything that you are and for everything that you’re not.

Random Thoughts by Doctor Shei

Last Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 3:35 PM, the much-awaited baby in the family was born. First daughter of my brother, Mike, and his wife, my sissy Rose Ann, our little princess was obviously the new light of our family.

Born within the walls of my alma mater, guided and supported by my colleagues, we prayed so hard for her to be delivered normally. My mother’s prayers were answered as she went out perfectly fine at 2.9kgs, healthy looking and with a sweet cry.

Coming from a family where I am the unica hija, having a niece is a dream come true. With that dream however comes the most critical part of what our first baby girl’s name will be.

The couple went out for names such as Athena or Sophia, inspired by the hit movie of KathNiel. But my mom, the most excited human being on earth during those times, was obsessing that the child be named after her as “Jacqueline” and Rose Ann’s mother “Rose”. So initially, I thought we’ll call her Jacqueline Rose, but on the very last minute of registering her birth certificate, she changed it to Jacklyn Rose as advised by my Pedia aunt.

While my mother seems to have the last say for the baby’s name, we’re still deliberating over her nickname in which we found a few suggestions from JR, J-Ann, Jack, JM, Athena, Ateng, until we arrived with the link of her name to Jack and Rose of Titanic.

In one of the cutest conversations from the four girls of Abitria family starring with Mommy, me, Sissy and the Baby (because I figured she was listening), we were deliberating of the perfect nickname for our little princess. We started off with Titanic and had a few laughs after realizing that her name was actually from its two main characters.

My mom was a bit serious in asking Sissy about the first movie they’ve watched together (with my brother) and after thinking so hard, she said it was Corazon (Ang Unang Aswang), a horror-suspense Tagalog movie starred by Erich Gonzales. Funny as it may sound but from Corazon, we translated it to her English version “Love”. But rather than using Love which was already too popular as a nickname, we changed it to Heart in connection with Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean.

Adding up to that, my mother always say “Wala akong pera. Puso meron.”

Truly, Baby Heart was born out of love from her parents, blessed by God and adored by people around her.

So that’s how our little princess was baptized with our holy water at home this October 15, 2014 named as Jacklyn Rose, nicknamed as Heart.❤️

Welcome to the Outside World, Baby Heart!💖



It was during the cold nights of December that I got to experience Papulex as my facial wash on my sleepless nights as an intern on duty. At times like this, it is almost impossible to stick to a beauty product that will help you from having any pimples or worse, acne, into appearing especially when you need to always look neat and clean in front of your clients.

Thanks to my dear sister and co-intern, Doc Cathy, who shared me to use Papulex, made especially for acne prone skin, that I realized that anything is possible.

Papulex is actually a cleansing gel rather than a foaming cleanser enriched with the following ingredients like Aqua, Decyl Glucoside, Glycerin and Citric Acid, that gives you an instant glow after wash, plus the benefits of clearing blemishes away and purifying your skin. It makes your skin firmer and gives off a fresher vibe as well.

Recommended by my dermatologist, I never had the chance to immediately buy this product before because it’s quite expensive as compared to other local brands we are familiar of. But after using this product, and even trying other facial wash (including Kojic soap), I figured that it’s worth every cent.

Papulex is the revolutionized version of the facial wash that we used as part of our beauty regimen to wash off dirt and impurities. It is a soap free cleansing gel, that has a thick consistency and bubbles immediately with rubbing and minimal water.

This facial brand was actually made in France and marketed internationally including Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Manufactured by Sinclair Pharma France, it is one of the imported brands made locally available in Watson’s nationwide.

Price starts at PhP700 as a minimum, but is subject to change. Enclosed in a 150 mL container, the product could last for two months with minimal use which I found reasonable enough.

I bought mine from the clinic, after realizing its worth from spending a lot in buying beauty products online.

It’s a relief to finally stick to a daily cleanser that is gentle on your skin but at the same time protects you from breakouts. I’m glad to find my new best friend for facial wash and that is Papulex. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

***Disclaimer: This is a personal blog review of the product, not meant to advertise or sell. It is merely based on the author’s experience upon using it. Thank you.

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